Ghassan Dahhan

Ghassan Dahhan
Ghassan Dahhan

Ghassan Dahhan is one of Pax Ludens’ trainers and Middle East specialist. Ghassan is currently based in London where he is writing his dissertation on insurgencies in the Levant at the War Studies department of King’s College London. Previously, he studied political science and international relations at the University of Amsterdam with a particular focus on the evolution of revolutionary movements in the Middle East, political Islam, nuclear proliferation, and insurgencies in the Arab world. During his studies he has held trainee positions at various institutions, among others ING and the Netherlands Institute for International Relations ‘Clingendael’. In the latter’s capacity he authored an article on the course of the American military efforts in the AfPak region, and he started his career at Pax Ludens as a volunteer during his senior year. Ghassan has frequently contributed to foreign policy debates, both domestically (the Netherlands) and internationally by writing articles for various well-established Dutch newspapers and international think tanks, with topics ranging from Turkey’s foreign policy to political developments in Morocco. Ghassan is a native Dutch speaker and has a good command of English and Arabic.

Recent publications

  • Ghassan Dahhan, “Middle East: There is no such thing as a Moroccan exception,” The Broker, March 22, 2011.?
  • Ghassan Dahhan, “Morocco is not immune,” The Atlantic Community, March 15, 2011.?
  • Ghassan Dahhan, “Geboorte van een nieuw Midden-Oosten,” Het Parool, February 3, 2011.?
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  • Ghassan Dahhan, “Europe: Prevent Turkey Turning East,” The Atlantic Initiative, November 19, 2009.?
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