Strategy & Foresight

Do you ever lay awake worrying about the future? Is your organization prepared for uncertainty?

Is your strategy robust enough to manage unforeseen events, systemic shocks and rapid trends?

We believe that run-of-the-mill strategy development does not adequately account for uncertainty. It’s our mission to support organizations in developing truly comprehensive and robust strategies. By using our innovative multidisciplinary foresight methods, organizations can formulate and test their strategies without the threat of real-world backlashes.

In doing so, we enable you to:

  • Understand uncertainty & emerging trends
  • Deal with black swans & systemic shocks
  • Adjust & refine strategies & protocols
  • Heighten your level of preparedness.

Pax Ludens’ tried and tested scenario-based workshops & exercises have been proven in defense, foreign policy & academia. The Dutch Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence, universities, and several non-governmental organizations have used our foresight services to face the future. So prepare for you future and contact us today.